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National Micro-Mini Tractor Pullers Association

The NMMTPA was founded in 1976 and is the main sanctioning

body of Micro-Mini Tractor Pulling in the United States and 

Canada. Micro-Mini Tractors and Trucks originate from an ERTL 

type tractor or Tonka type trucks which are then fitted with a model 

airplane or car engine, driveline, and special pulling tires. There are 

currently seven sanctioned NMMTPA classes; they are: 3lb.Pro Stock 

Tractor, 5lb. Pro Stock Tractor, 2WD Road Vehicles, 5lb. Super 

Stock Tractors, 4x4 Trucks, and 6lb.Unlimited Tractors and 7lb Semi.

Micro-Mini Tractor Pulling is a 1/16 scale version of full size tractor pulling. A weight transfer sled is pulled by these small "toy" pullers on a 2'x16' wooden track which is either covered with a formica surface or sealed with a smooth surface of polyurethane. Some of these pulling units in the 6 lb. open modified tractor class have been known to pull in excess of 600 lbs.

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