The NMMTPA does not have an “official” supplier so in an effort to help out new pullers we have compiled the following list of parts and their suppliers-----

Bearings..   for a 1/4 hex ,,7x13x4MM,,  MF 137-ZZ.   4pack for 1/4 round  BWK 188F-ZZ    for a 1/4 hex ,,7x13x4MM,,  kit 6914..... for 1/4 round .. kit 776


..........   Tower 14T   LXEW99....32P 13T... LXEW98

..........    Stock 32P 42T  AIM-2-Y32042.. 32-44-etc just change last # to tooth size.

.........     Traxxas   32P 72T   4472

1/4 steel hex shalf you can get at NAPA but some are not true...#  224-61118


1/4 Broach you can get at along with other tools

Glow Plugs.....


All sizes are on   also for our  pro stock class  VRXB1040

Tires-& Rims

Pro Stock rims---Bill Vote--515-544-3387

Pro Stock- tires--contact Larry Bennet at 765.471.6088



            Robert Johnson (270) 776-2186




Anyone can build a gearbox without expensive machine equipment! Just takes a little time

and some patience. You will need a digital caliper some math and drill press and some hand tools.

Take your alum tube spray it with blue layout dye or paint will work. Lock your caliper at desired

Distance (.500 in this case) uses one tip on edge of tube and drag other along length to make centerline.

Decide where you want rear axle to be and center punch it with fine centerpunch. Next comes the fun

Part MATH (very easy)

C=  n+N       C -center distance between gears

2P         n-number of teeth on pinion

N-number of teeth on spur gear

2P-2 multiply the pitch (32)

14+72 divided by 2x32=1.343 inches

Now lock your digital caliper @ 1.343 this will give you zero clearance between the gears but I have found That with a little play in bearings and shafts this will be a perfect mesh! Place one tip in rear axle centerpunch  Hole a then drag other tip across the centerline in a small arc. Carefully centerpunch the intersection ofThese two lines!  See pic     

Layout All your shaft holes this way before any drilling begins!